What does England's Uefa Nation's League Group win mean?

England have officially topped The Nations League A Group 4. It might not roll of the tongue but it's a real achievement considering they had Spain and World Cup finalists Croatia to beat. 

What next?

This is the inaugural Nations League, so it's a fair question. Even Harry Maguire admitted it took him a while to get his (slab)head around the tournament format.

In short, England have qualified for the League A semi-finals which will include the three winners from the three other groups in League A - which were Switzerland, Portugal and either France or The Netherlands.

The semi-finals will be played in the Portuguese cities of Porto and Guimaraes on June 5th and 6th 2019. There will also be a third place playoff.

How does this effect England's qualification for Euro 2020?

England will be entered as usual to the standard qualification process for the Euros along with 55 other nations. BUT! having won their group England will be one of the top seeded teams in the European Championship qualification so they will be placed in a group with 5 other teams and not 6. This means they will not be playing a team like Andorra and will instead play the two Nations League games next summer.

If they fail to qualify from their standard European Championship qualification group they will get a second chance at the Nations League A mini tournament next summer. If they win this they will automatically qualify for the Euros.

Who else won their group?

Switzerland won their group, which contained Belgium and Iceland in style, beating the red devils 5-2 on Sunday. Iceland were relegated.

Portugal won group 3 which contained Italy and Poland. The Poles only picked up a point and are now relegated.

Group 2 will either be won by The Netherlands or France who will play tonight, with the Germans relegated.

In league B Ukraine, Bosnia and Denmark have all won their groups while Sweden and Russia will play a decider this week - Russia are 2 points ahead with a superior goal difference but now have to travel to Stockholm.

Leagues C and D are yet to be decided, but if Scotland beat Israel tomorrow at home then they will win their group.

What have been the best games so far?

We have to rank Englands 2-3 win over Spain as one of the best of the tournament. 

We also enjoyed Scotland's 0-4 rout of Albania on away soil. Tirana is never an easy city to be a visiting team but Scotland dispatched their hosts with aplomb. 

We had no expectations before Estonia vs. Hungary but wow did it deliver. Both teams came from behind with the final score ending 3-3.

After having the wrong anthem played for them in Yerevan, Gibraltar shocked the world by beating Armenia 0-1. It was a huge moment for the newly formed footballing minnows.

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