The weekend's top 5 goals from all over Europe

The weekend's top 5 goals from all over Europe

Bruno Petkovic's hang time

This was without a doubt the stand out goal of the weekend. Petkovic's bicycle kick was the only goal in a game that saw first placed Dinamo Zagreb beat second placed NK Lokomotiva. It means that Dinamo Zagreb are now eight points clear of NK Lokomotiva.

El Shaarawy bends one in against Sampdoria

El Shaarawy has his run cut short by the Sampdoria keeper. He wins the ball back though and as the keeper is running back to his line, El Shaarawy beats a defender and floats the ball into the far post. It's a mixture of Lacazette's against Liverpool and Di Santos' against USA. Roma won the game 4-1.

Shaqiri only seems to score beauties

The ball was wipped in from 40 yards out by Robertson; the Scottish left-back just by touchline as he releases his cross. The ball sails across goal, taking three seconds before Shaqiri meets it with a exquisite volley, smashing it and yet guiding it in with the top of his boot, in a semi-hook motion. His career goal-reel must be looking more and more spectacular. Liverpool beat Fulham 2-0.

Caballos scores his first goal

What a way to get off the mark. Caballos collects the ball on the left and runs at the Celta Vigo defence. He seems to glide elegantly across their line before, without breaking stride, unleashes a shot that swerves in two different directions before ending up in the top right hand corner. Real Madrid won the game 2-4.

Ajax dismantle Excelsior

Ok so it may not be the most beautiful but Ajax's fourth goal has got a tackle, an improvised back heel and then a finish. It's definitely not one you see everyday.

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