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Five exciting British talents playing abroad

Phil Edmonds Friday 15 February 2019

Moving abroad at a young age can be tough. As Ian Rush once remarked on his time in Italy "it was like living a foreign country".  Traditionally ...

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Where next for the once Special One?

Phil Edmonds Thursday 17 January 2019

It may not feel like it, but Mourinho - outside of the Premier League - is still a wanted man. As Ole Gunnar Solskjaer continues to ride high on the post-Mourinho ...

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The weekend's top 5 goals from all over Europe

Phil Edmonds Monday 12 November 2018

Bruno Petkovic's hang time This was without a doubt the stand out goal of the weekend. Petkovic's bicycle kick was the only goal in a game that saw first placed Dinamo ...

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Quit While You're Ahead: Zidane Leaves Real

Adam Grimshaw Monday 4 June 2018

After winning three back-to-back Champions League titles Zidane has called it quits at Real Madrid. It’s time to ask why, what next, and what does it all mean?

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Barça’s Unbeaten Record Goes Up In Smoke

Adam Grimshaw Monday 14 May 2018

The red and blue stripes were out to impress with fast, counter-attacking football. Only this time it wasn’t the famous colours of Barcelona, but lesser known Levante who ...

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Top 5 Iconic Moments in El Clasico

Adam Grimshaw Sunday 6 May 2018

There’s nothing left to play for but pride. We remind you why el clasico is still the best rivalry in the world with it’s most iconic moments

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Gunners' Last Stand: Europa League Preview

Adam Grimshaw Thursday 3 May 2018

Arsenal will have to dig deep if they’re going to give their commander in chief a send off to remember

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Fight or Flight in the Final 8: Champs League ...

Adam Grimshaw Monday 9 April 2018

Liverpool, Real, Bayern & Barça have one foot in the semis of this year's Champions League, but can any of their opponents hope to stage a comeback?

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5 of the Best: Overhead Kicks

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Are any of them better than Ronnie's?

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