6 Days To Go - World Cup 2018

Six is the magic number

I know that's not how the song goes, but let your old pal Joolsy have this one. 

Six was the shirt number worn by the England captain Bobby Moore when his country triumphed for the one and only time in a World Cup in Nineteen Sixty-Six. Also there's now only six days to go until the pesky Russians kick-off the 2018 World Cup against those dastardly Saudis. Phwoar!

Indeed, following on from yesterday's tale of Pickles the 🐶 back in 1966, we're at the same tournament for today's countdown which take a brief look back at England captain Bobby Moore who wore the now iconic #6 jersey along the way to captaining England to World Cup glory. 

East-end hero Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore - commonly known as just 'Bobby' - is a West Ham United legend, and it's fair to say he's regarded as one of England best ever players. He also played a few seasons for Fulham and made a clutch of appearances for a host of North American clubs during the twilight of his career. 

Known for his poise and elegance as a centre-back, Moore won 108 England caps and will always be remembered above all for being the England captain to lift the trophy the bears a rather similar name to your old pal Joolsy here. Moore was also a runner-up to Germany's Gerd Muller in the 1970 Ballon d'Or award.

England's 1966 manager Sir Alf Ramsey once said of Moore: 

"My captain, my leader, my right-hand man. He was the spirit and the heartbeat of the team. A cool, calculating footballer I could trust with my life. He was the supreme professional, the best I ever worked with. Without him England would never have won the World Cup."
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